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There is very little English content, currently, as much of what I have taught was through novels/books. I am currently seeking legal advice about permissions for using book titles on this website. Additionally, much of my English was in a different format so cannot currently be used on here. I am working on converting this. I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause

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Learning Slides

Jo Plans is an evolving resource centre for teachers and other educators and is an excellent tool for parents who home school their children. It has been created by me – Jo Blakeman. I am very experienced in all areas of primary education. All learning slides conform to the 2014 National Curriculum requirements. The collection on offer here consists, mainly, of Power Point slides which, essentially, are detailed lesson plans. 

There are also some resources to accompany these: charts, question sheets and other time-saving resources. All have been devised and designed by myself during my years in the classroom and have been utilised by me and many of my peers with a great deal of success and positive feedback. 

The material on offer is aimed not only at teachers but also at parents who are intent on helping their children excel at school or deliver lessons for home-schooling their own children.

More to Come

As mentioned above, this is an evolving website. Much of what is on here currently, particularly the English and Maths, has been designed for Year 4 children but it can be easily adapted for other year groups within Key Stage 2.

I am working hard to add to the resources on here and hope to offer a full complement of Key Stage 2 resources by the end of next year. I hope then to develop some resources for Key Stage 1.

Reduced Subscription

Because there is a limited number of resources on here currently, I am offering an annual subscription for this first year for the reduced price of £25. That’s equivalent to just £2 per month or around 50p per week!

Suggestions and Ideas

If there are any resources/learning slides you would like me to create for you, please just let me know via the contact form and I will do my best to accommodate your needs free of charge, assuming you are already a subscriber. 

If you have weekly/medium term plans which you would like me to use to create the learning slides, then I am very happy to receive these by email. However, please be aware that I will need notice to create these. I will then add them to the website so cannot use anything which is subject to copyright. 

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